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.:ultra303 v2.0 features:.

    • general


    • ——-


  • 240*64 graphic display with adjustable backlight
  • rotary encoder for fast value changes
  • 15 menus full of features
    every menu is reachable by shortcut
  • switch for internal- or digital oscillator
  • switch for 24 db or 12 db filter
  • switch for disabling the internal vca envelope
  • 256 patterns
  • 128 patches
  • randomize pattern with pattern mask
  • clean pattern with pattern mask
  • shuffle
  • time mode is not needed anymore
  • midi implementation
  • one external out for drums or voices
  • one out is directly connected to the 303 filter
  • adjustable pre filter overdrive
  • free volume adsr curves
  • adjustable slide time
  • filter cutoff modulation by
    • fm with the ext out means voice 2 or voice 3
    • fm with the drums
    • or just create simple filter sweeps very like the demo i already did with the v1.0 version
  • switch for disabling the internal filter env mod… this is needed if you want have a fully ultra303 filter envelope control
  • pattern initialisation and fast duplication routines 4/8/16 to pattern len , shift, transpose up/dw and so on

    pattern editor

  • fast jumping inside the pattern via short cuts
  • copy and paste of pattern parts
  • direct access in the pattern editor to editing features without leaving
    clearing (up down accent slide), transpose and shift for a selection of the pattern
    and so on…
  • and some other features 😉
  • up to 3 voices editable directly in the editor

    digital oscillators

  • 3 voices (could be more…atm i set it to 3 let’s see how many i’ll include)
    the voices can be routed freely to ext out or 303 intern filter
  • 2 oscs per voice
    • saw, pulse (pulse width), sin, tri
    • bit crusher
    • frequence modulation (pm)
    • ring modulation
    • sync
  • 4 lfos per voice
    • modulation up to 1,2 khz
    • saw, pulse, sin, tri
    • syncing to note, pat, 1/2 pat, 1/4 pat, 1/8 pat
  • 4 envelopes per voice…standard adsr (with log and anti log curves)
  • full read and write of the patches
  • almost all can be modulated

    drum machine

  • a selection of 808 and 909 samples
  • 10 independent lines
  • each line has
    • volume
    • decay
    • tune
  • 4 accent volume steps
  • pre definded patterns by shortcut
  • each line can be switched on/off by shortcut
  • the drums can be routed thru the 303 filter


.:features of the old v1.0 version (canceled):.

  • lcd display to show informations and stuff.
  • full emulation of the old internal sequencer.
  • more advanced editing of the patterns like transpose, step forward and back, display of the next note and pattern position, randomize,1/32 notes, pitchmode and time mode is not separated and pattern length is not fixed to 16 steps anymore.
  • midi implementation.
  • pattern select via midi bankselect… trackmode is not needed anymore and will be skipped !
  • better syncronisation…it can be synconized via midi clock (midi to cv/gate is not needed anymore) or it can syncronized via an internal bpm counter which is syncronized with a pattern select.
  • standard midi stuff like note on off…accent slide filter automation.
  • velocity (filter).
  • 2 lfo (filter).
  • 2 envelopes (filter).
  • backup of the internal sequences .
  • online editing on the pc during the 303 replays a song.
  • the old ram is replaced by a eeprom…a backup battery is not needed anymore.
  • 64 patterns … extenable to 512 patterns.
  • 2 internal 0-5 v analog outputs. which can be used to control stuff for every note… it’s possible to setup a value for the aux outputs… that is more for ppl who are planning to do mods for the 303 by default they aren’t used…or for people who are using a modular synth (cv outputs) .
  • a sid emulation is included to make new sounds…means the 303 has a new osc to create 3 osc sounds… of course the old one is still working and usable…you can use the old or new. (this feature will not be included in the release… i guess i need a second cpu for this
  • random pattern generator…each feature gate note up down accent and slide can be generated separately… also it’s possible to setup a mask on which steps a random should be preformed.
  • transpose up and down.
  • shift left and right of the pattern.
  • a simple pattern init is implemented.
  • init silence and init 1/16 c.
  • ultra303 is working on the ml 303 clone.
  • a special copy feature is implemented to duplicate for example the first 4 steps to 16 steps by coping the first 4 steps to the other 12 steps…same is available for 2->16 and 8->16.
  • scale correction of the patterns. means you never get disharmonic tones when you know the chords of your song… there are 20 scales to select from.
  • special clear feature is implemented…means it’s possible to clear note accent slide up and down separately…also it’s possible to setup a mask for this.
  • uploading of the firmware via midi
  • a pattern groove editor is implemented… means a shuffle on the pattern is possible.

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