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  • ultra303 v2.0 has landed


      • finally it’s done and i can show you the first demo videos of my brand new tb 303 firmware…


      • ultra303 v2.0 is a full redesign of my cpu replacement project with new hard- and software…


      • here are the videos… entire sounds comes out of the tb 303 external effects


      • are boss od2 (overdrive) and behringer virtualizer…


      • in the videos you can sometimes hear a strange noise like “suuuurrrrt” this is my broken tb 303 there is a loose connection i could not trace down yet…


      • by the way… the entire time you hear the new oscillators… the old ones i don’t use anymore


      • for more detailed informations have a look to features and diary…


older v1.0 demos

  • new groove sound demo


      • finally i did a sound demo for my groove/swing feature… ok this one is a bit old but never did a demo until now


      • grab it here:


      • first part is the pattern without groove… second part the same pattern with groove… the second part has a 30% groove intensity with a standard 909 groove… of course the groove intensity and the groove pattern is editable… i hope you can hear the slight difference.. the pattern without is more straight… the second is more groovy 😉 or so
  • new filter lfo, envelope and fm sound demos


      • i did some new sound demos of my new filter cv feature:


      • ‘t sound like a 303 anymore i know but this was the reason why i’ve included this feature…;) you can hear the filter fm feature with a synced lfo … goal was to create a sick as possible pattern… there is no distortion or something.. the sound comes as you can hear it out of the 303… on the sound was only delay and reverb added… the old osc is still active no dco or something… this is done only via the filter cv


      • this one is just a small demonstration of the new filter envelope with attack and decay and stuff… at the beginning i’m slowy start to modulate the filter with the envelope then i’m changing the attack and decay time etc…


      • in this demo i’m playing with the lfo… starting with increasing the lfo filter modulation… then i’m changing the lfo frequence a bit…in the end i’m changing the lfo syncing…


      • all sound demos were recorded by using the ml 303 clone…


  • new sharc synth web site


      • 10.11.2005: i did a new page for my future project ultraSHARK… it’s a page about a dsp based synth… have a look at



      • from now on you can reach my site over of course the old url is still working.


  • web site relaunch


      • here we go;) finally i found some time and motivation to present my project in a bit better way. well i never liked the old page very much.


      • i hope it’s working so far. i’m no html expert to create the graphics was a real pain. some things are left to do but anyway


      • thanks must go to chris and evl for some help on creating html stuff


      • also thanks to guido for beta testing…


  • ultra303 sid previews:
      • the digital osc attack!… these are >really< the first previews (already 3 months old ) of my sid implementation for the ultra303 firmware…which means… the old 303 osc is not active anymore… all sound is created my the by the ultra303 firmware…except of filter and accent … at the moment i’m too lazy to do a new preview… i know not very impressive… but anyway…have a look 😉 first you can hear standard pulse wave…i was surprised a bit that it still sounds that much 303 honest that high frequency stuff i mean that beep and zeeping …excatly that is what i want to hear 😉 the next stuff is showing some new features modulation of the sound generation… but really a early preview … much more is possible now… this is only the first result of 2 osc’s for the 303 with ring mod and sync… now you can use 3 oscs with all features i posted in the diary…but i’m no patch excuse me ;).with this sid implementation i’m able to do nearly all devil fish mods…


      • who needs a devil fish mod 😉 ??


      • get it here:


      • all stuff is done using the ml 303 v5 clone… of course all is working on the tb 303 😉


  • see ultra303 in action:
      • i’ve recorded a small movie during testing round about 6 minutes long… there you can see a small part of the feature of ultra303 …how you nagivate thru the menues…how the editor looks like and stuff…mostly i use the random pattern generator to create the pattern… well it’s only 320*200 pixel you should look it in real size otherwise it’s a pixel attack…anyway…grab it here:


      • it was recorded running on the ml 303 clone…the tb 303 version looks the same…


      • unfortunately the lcd displays sometimes crap…i hope i will fix this soon


  • ultra303 goes sid…
      • the ultra303 firmware has now a soundemulation of the old c64 soundchip sid. the soundemulation can be used as an waveformgenerator for the 303 filter and accent and so on…so you aren’t fixed anymore to saw and pulse waveform…i’ll upload as soon as possible some examples…have a look to the diary for more detailed information about the new feature…

ultra303 for ml 303

      • ultra303 is now running on the ml-303 clone (v4 and v5…v3 would be possible)…which means the entire old sequencerboard is replaced by a new one…also i selected better switches that old ones from conrad are sucking like hell. anyway have a look to the diary about the ml-303 stuff or just watch some pictures in the pic section.


      • you don’t know ml 303 ? ml 303 is a diy tb 303 clone. one of the best i know. have a look to the


      • page unfortunately the project is discontinued and well all is in german. anyway use the buttons to navigate thru the page 😉


  • older news
    • the first sound demo synced to the cubase sx sequencer… the latency is round about 7ms… this really only a small test sequence…just to show that it works 😉 see diary to get more infos about this…and a picture from the sequencer…how you build up your song…which pattern should be played when and why 😉 
    • this is the very first test with a dco…means the old 303 vco isn’t active anymore and replaced by a digital osc… i know not very impressive but …hm but a small break thru…;) well the waveform is compareable with a saw wave… it’s just generated by the cpu on the fly…
    • hm i recorded a live beta testing firmware session…here you can hear the random generator and editor in action… note !nothing is prepared..i love that kind of noises 😉
    • here an older sound demo first noises:
      it was really the first the sequencer replayed…it was done with a hex editor in the assembler 😉

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